Quicksand- Chapter 3

Here is the 3rd chapter of my blog-book. Read the first 2 chapters on my personal blog: https://audreyrenae.wordpress.com/   I have avoided writing this chapter as I knew from the beginning chapter 3 was about love. I see my days numbered like quick sand. They go so quickly, how do I possibly live or love when [...]


Losing your best friend at age 4

Sharing this is more than heart wrenching. The memory breaks me every time I share it. When my grandmother died, she was 52 years old. Her name was Rosa Garcia. I never met her but my mother cared for her as she was very ill. Two weeks after she passed, my mom learned that she [...]

Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump: I’m sitting in my over-sized bed, Grey’s Anatomy is on in the background, and I’m sipping on a Cherry Coke to end my long week like a true American. It seems like a normal Friday night, but it is not at all. All day I have been tracking Hurricane Irma, watching videos [...]

When Unfinished Becomes Finished

Nine years ago, I found a table in my husband’s family’s awesome collection of furniture that I really liked. It has beautiful spiral legs, that called out to me. It was perfect in my eyes, all except for the speckled oak finish that spoke of years gone by. Sorry, I don't have a picture of [...]