Quicksand- Chapter 3

Here is the 3rd chapter of my blog-book. Read the first 2 chapters on my personal blog: https://audreyrenae.wordpress.com/   I have avoided writing this chapter as I knew from the beginning chapter 3 was about love. I see my days numbered like quick sand. They go so quickly, how do I possibly live or love when [...]


Losing your best friend at age 4

Sharing this is more than heart wrenching. The memory breaks me every time I share it. When my grandmother died, she was 52 years old. Her name was Rosa Garcia. I never met her but my mother cared for her as she was very ill. Two weeks after she passed, my mom learned that she [...]

Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump: I’m sitting in my over-sized bed, Grey’s Anatomy is on in the background, and I’m sipping on a Cherry Coke to end my long week like a true American. It seems like a normal Friday night, but it is not at all. All day I have been tracking Hurricane Irma, watching videos [...]