Plate is maxed out, bro. 

Hello fellow bloggers and happy Fall! Quickie update: I'm wrapping up 2 colleges classes and about to start 2 more next week! Work is... well, if I told you.. they'd have to kill me. I move into my new place on the 29th! My first home to myself! Feeling very blessed. Last week, I was [...]


Jennifer and Rita, part 3

So the saga continues. After a long break, Operation Rita Revive is back in gear. Since my last post, a month ago - give or take another month, Rita has sat happily in the garage awaiting the next step which I wouldn’t touch. I think, for being a contractor’s daughter, I have an unhealthy fear [...]


The past few weeks, my life has been filled with the need for grace from others and others grace from me. We just returned home from a long family trip where along the way we stayed with a few different people. During one of the stays as someone’s home, one of my chicken nuggets, peed [...]