Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump:

I’m sitting in my over-sized bed, Grey’s Anatomy is on in the background, and I’m sipping on a Cherry Coke to end my long week like a true American. It seems like a normal Friday night, but it is not at all. All day I have been tracking Hurricane Irma, watching videos and flipping through photos. It breaks my heart. I ache for these people and their homes. The animals, the elderly, the first-responders risking their lives. Just as I ache for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. After Harvey hit, I contacted multiple news outlets, radio stations, crisis organizations to see how Angels Closet Clothing Bank could help give out clothes. Half of them didn’t respond, the other half denied our help as they were not set up to receive donations. I had to help, I had to do something. I went to the store, bought a few samples and put in a basket in my lobby at work. I sent out flyers to local churches and emailed all the other dental offices I had information for that we were accepting donations. A week later, my donations are still the only ones in the basket.

I feel hopeless in helping my fellow Americans. I don’t have money to give. My donation drive is failing, and no organization wants to accept our clothing. I feel so helpless and so far away.  I’ve been crying on and off all day as I think about the tragedy about to happen. I felt lost. I think this is a common feeling among American’s this evening as we sit and wait for what we already know is a battle lost.

I felt this way until I watched this video:

I trust you, President. I trust that you will lead us in rebuilding our great country. I trust that you will pray with us and for us. I trust that you will hold our hands, our hearts. I trust that you will stay strong when we are weak. I trust your leadership. I trust that you will lead us all, as one nation under God.

I trust you and because of that, I am not hopeless. I know God has placed in office for such a time as this.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you.



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