Paint Yo Pumpkin

I’ve never been much of your pumpkin pie, colorful leaves, tall boots, campfire and sweater type girl… just kidding. I’m 100% that girl. I’m not above that! Every holiday and season gets me wide-eyed and mystified. But when fall is about to swing into gear, I looked like a cracked out junkie holding a pumpkin spice latte.

I will be keeping you up on all my crafting. Also, I’m about to move and so decorating blogs are on there WAY!

Today I painted some pumpkins. Total cost for 3 pumpkins: $8.00


I don’t have time today, but I will touch these up, then replace the stem with a wooden stick! These will work great on a porch!! When it’s time to put these up at my new house in a few, weeks I will post a picture.


Xx -Audrey


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