Trystin and Audi go vegan for a week – Day One

First of all, we want to ensure you all that we are not nuts-o. Coming from a small cattle town full of farmers, miners, and ranchers we see how you might think we’ve lost our minds. Don’t be alarmed, we have not gone “hippie.”

We are doing this because well, I (Audrey) have been constantly fighting sickness, my bones hurt, I had my first eczema breakout that won’t clear up and I feel weak and tried constantly. I consider myself to be a flexible dieter. I try to stay within my daily calorie limit and keep track of all my fats, carbs and proteins! My meals are very planned out. I do this because 1. I lift weights and need to make sure I eat enough and 2. I have always had a hard time eating. If I don’t plan it out, I’ll be too lazy to eat and will go a whole day without a meal causing my blood sugar to go cray. All that to explain that my diet is already very healthy with an occasional cheeseburger and I work out 6-7 days a week.

TC (Trystin) and I are going to try this diet out for one week and see how we feel!

We will keep you updated through photos and videos.

Day one has been hard on us both. We are both very hungry, and find it extremely hard to think of meals even with the help of our trusted friend, Pintrest.


TC’s soup of the day. 


With all the love our starving hearts can give. 


One thought on “Trystin and Audi go vegan for a week – Day One

  1. You shouldn’t be starving eating vegan unless you’re not eating enough! There’s lots of mock products out there if you want to subsidise for meat, otherwise, think of using more rice, potatoes and other starches as you main form of satiation 😉

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