Old at 24 – Audi

I’ve never been one to act my age. I always felt most comfortable with people about 5-10 years older than me. Now if you know how old my boyfriend, you’re probably laughing right now. No, he is NOT 40 like it’s been rumored. He turned 33 today (happy birthday, love). We are a whopping 9 years apart! Don’t judge. I am the happy age of 24 and I FEEL OLD! Not only do I feel old, but I act old. I wonder if it has to do with me growing up in ministry and believing the crazy idea that you had to act like a mature adult at age 7 or maybe I’m just cray. (that means crazy, dad)

At age 24, I am shopping for mom shorts (not a mom), worried to spend too much time in the sun so my skin doesn’t get wrinkly, I could give 2 … about ‘going out’ on Friday night and social media is boring to me. The girls at work are in their 30’s and they laugh all day, they are funny and wild and FUN, while they have fun, I simply can not join in. I have no ability to. They make me laugh, funniest girls ever… but I am so stiff and have somehow have grown up way toooooooooooo fast.

Why is there so much pressure to grow up anyways?
I am finding myself in a constant struggle.. I feel like my days are going by so quickly, slipping through my fingers and I’m not moving forward fast enough to keep up.  I feel like I am falling behind more each day. I try to add more stuff on my schedule cause time on earth is so short! On the other hand, I feel like I  am so caught up in the rat race, trying to pay bills, working too many jobs, going to school, excel at everything I do, be a boom ass girlfriend,  working out… “I be up in the gym just working on my fitness.. oh, wee…Fergalicious!”

So anyways…   I get caught up in life and neglect to just breath and enjoy being 24. I need to let myself lay out in the sunshine, reward myself with a cold brew once in a while, get my nails done, lay off the stress and lay on the… ? I better stop while I’m ahead.

I will end this wild rant with this, 24 has made me feel like I’m loosing control of my life and I’m over it. When I get stressed and act like a 50 year old crazy women, I will remember the words of my momma, “Mija, you are sooo young. Live your life. Have fun. Take care of yourself, and laugh. Life is too short to be stressed and worried. Enjoy your life Mija.”

Peace out girl scout

Signed one of the following:  Audi… audge podge… mingching… mingo poop…. nana… audrianna… Audrey



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