Rap Music & Car Wash Lessons – Bill Johnston

I was with Ruth last week and we went to the car wash, she decided that we would wash her car car at like 10:00 at night. I got out to help her with the waxing and there close by was a young man playing loud rap type music and my first reaction was to get upset and set him straight! I was upset because I felt like he had dominated the atmosphere that I was in. Forcing his environment on me!  Ruth stopped me and said not to say anything. We began to pray to ourselves and shortly the music stopped. Ruth and I were asking God for a door to ministry. Ruth said that if I would have approached him the way I originally wanted, I would have shut down any hope of ministry!

I have been studying about speaking life. It’s a process that we need to learn. First, we need to listen for God’s perspective rather than speak from our flesh. The enemy is trying to bring accusations which turn to judgments . He tries to get us to agree and speak out death and destroy a chance for hope, and cause us to transgress the workings of Holy Spirit.

It was so clear to me that many times I am so quick to shut down anything that doesn’t agree with my spirit but I may actually be shutting down an opportunity to plant a seed in someone’s life. I have to learn to be open and feel confident that as a believer my atmosphere is stronger and more powerful than any other.

Do you believe that me and Ruth just being there and praying and not saying anything made an impact?

Be Blessed!



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