Jennifer Brings World Peace & Fixes a Vintage Couch

I was trying to write a meaningful post (in my mind) that would change the entire world in a single day. Maybe it would go viral and then millions of people would share my significant words and BAM – world peace. Then I’d be crowned Miss Universe. But my brilliant essay was cut short by my increasingly loud belly-calls, screaming children and my umpteenth project; alas, today will not be the day I help facilitate world peace.

So instead, I’ll tell you about my umpteen projects and this will be the theme for Tuesdays (at least the ones I conquer by actually blogging). I love bringing home random pieces of furniture or whatever that I can somehow resurrect into Pinterest fails glory. For me this means my garage has become a workspace and I have to park outside in the Arizona oven. Oh well; I am glad I have the OnStar remote start app, which I always use except for when I forget which may or may not be 90% of the time.

Anyway, today I’ll share about a project I started about a month ago. I bought this vintage couch and chair from my mother. By vintage I mean old and stinky. She once had it reupholstered in this creamy white fabric. I don’t know maybe I was being sentimental, maybe impulsive (which a Mr. I know accuses me of occasionally). Either way, this is probably way more than I can chew. I am a Chihuahua when it comes to upholstery and I just took a Great Dane bite. No Bueno.

So here is how it goes. The first step was to disassemble this thing. The experts say to take pictures along the way. I followed directions (kind of). I didn’t take a start picture so you get some prom throw backs from 2001. Anyway, the couch had some mouse poo on it from being stored in a desert garage. So, as any thoughtful husband does, Sean bought me a really good face respirator and goggles. I don’t want hantavirus – ain’t nobody got time for that! It was really, really hot. It did not look very pleasing to the eye either. I began my work. The couch smelled so bad!!! I fought for a week to get all the fabric and off and worked in 20 min increments (is that how long an episode of Daniel Tiger is?). I watched tutorials and found a really good one about twisting the fabric at the staple to remove it- that helped a lot. Did I mention the couch stunk? I decided there must be something dead in this thing…

Well, at some point, the greatest inventor and fixer of things I know fixed some falling springs. He fixed it so well! I couldn’t get the bottom loose to open up the couch and see what was inside. So, at this point all hell broke loose. I began ripping and tearing the thing apart. I guess that says something about my patience. Bless my heart.


To be continued on a future Tuesday…

X- Jen


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